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lake titicaca: Uros floating islands: the uros people live totally interwoven with the totora reed which grows abundantly in the shallows of the lake. The islands are constructed from many layers of reeds which rot away from the bottom and are replaced at the top


torres del paine: climbing the mountain with Alina, Rebecca Leach and Mathew Poulton

Easter Island

rapa nui: Ahu Tongariki: Sarah Jane Cooney (Ireland), Louise Kermath (Ireland) and Andreas Brock (Germany). I met these three at my hostel and we rented a car together to go around the island

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General News :: Site downtime

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Saturday, 08 October 2005

I'm sorry was down between 22nd September and 7th October due to a hard drive failure. Service is back to normal now.

I will be updating the site very soon with the last batch of photos from Chile, Venezuela and Miami, and an interesting text of what went 'wrong' in Venezuela. I'll also be publishing a pick 'n mix of stats about my round-the-world trip: how much it cost (full analysis), how much time I spent on buses, which was the most interesting country, the nicest people, etc.

I'm off to France this Sunday (8th October). It was great meeting up with everyone and I hope to be seeing you all again soon. I'll be back in London by the end of November.