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penang: then i decided to walk up to the summit (850m tall) from sea level. It was a 5.5 km trek uphill along windy road such as this one. A true nightmare!

New Zealand

lake taupo: the 2pm opening of the damn barriers. really impressive, as we all (the other tourists and I) watched the level of the river below us rise by about 3 meters...


ko phangan: New Year 2005

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Uruguay :: Now I know what cows moo about

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Thursday, 05 May 2005

We're stuck on the ferry, waiting to cross over to Buenos Aires. It's been 3 hours now. We tried leaving the port, but the wind was so strong the boat couldn't peel itself away from the pier. An hour after the failed attempt, people started getting irritated. Hostesses started calling for the captain repeatedly over the intercom - everyone heard. But he was already gone. Where? No one knows. People started clapping in sync. Louder and louder. That too was heard over the intercom. But it (obviously) didn't make the boat go. We can't go back onto the mainland unless we restamp our passports. People are now getting frantic: they're not feeding us or giving us drinks, and they've only left one poor hostess to deal with everyone. The people are telling her we're not cattle: "no somos animales! No somos animales!" But we are.

I now know what cows moo about.