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isla margarita: closeup of Dona Emilia

Easter Island

rapa nui: Ahu Vinapu: Used in the 1200\'s AD, it includes three Ahu. The first, called Ahu Tahiri, is worth noting on account of its perfect stonewall, superficially compared with those in Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Its six moai, which used to be colored in red, are down. The second Ahu, the astronomical orientation of which is similar to the first, features an allegedly female moai that used to have two heads. Only removed stones remain from the third Ahu, the oldest of all.

New Zealand

nugget point: lighthouse closeup

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la paz: Kate Gar, David Conneely and Simone Mcnair

la paz

Kate Gar, David Conneely and Simone Mcnair

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